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Why Pond Assessment Matters

By December 18, 2014All Post

Pond assessment should be done periodically. You would also probably benefit from getting an estimate of how many species are in your lake or pond. This information, helps you better manage the habitat of the species so that you can improve it as required.

One simple way to accomplish this task without fear of hurting fish or damaging their habitat is electrofishing.

It consists of discharging electric currents through electrodes that stun fish allowing you or your specialist to capture them using a net. A common myth associated with this process is that it can injure or kill species, which is wholly inaccurate. Fish are not harmed by this process in any way and in fact electrofishing is performed precisely to make observation assessments and improvement measures so the conditions in your lake or pond can be enhanced.

If you’re wondering how to send electric currents into the water, make sure you are thoroughly informed or hire a specialist. Specialists usually employ electrofishing boats which are especially built for this purpose. These vessels have the capability to release electric currents thus facilitating the capture, study and release process from a safe platform. As with everything ‘’special’’, electrofishing is probably best done if left to professionals, you definitely don’t want to tamper with the habitat of your lake/pond and ideally should not injure or kill a fish because of negligence. Many firms can advise you on all your fish stocking inquiries, provide machinery and specialists and technicians so that the electrofishing process and other related activities are conducted in the best possible way.

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