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The Beauty of Fountains

By December 3, 2015All Post

Have you ever seen the beauty of the fountains at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas? They are a sight to behold, with water spraying in various directions and many lights moving – all set to the rhythm of a soundtrack that changes with the season.

If you have a small lake or pond, of course you don’t need something so ornate, but a fountain in the middle can give your body of water new life – figuratively and literally.

It is a well-known fact that the ecosystems of all lakes and ponds require oxygen to thrive. Fountains provide aeration, keeping your fish and plants healthy. The last thing you want in your lake or pond is stagnant water, which attracts breeding mosquitos and encourages detrimental algae overgrowth. Additionally, the constantly moving water will make your lake more pleasant to swim in during the summer months, as the water will be clearer.

If you are so inclined, you can also install lights in your fountain, giving your lake an elegant feel at night. This option could be especially useful for owners of lakes or ponds on commercial properties. Imagine your customers shopping or dining in the evening while strolling along the side of a lake with a lighted fountain. They will feel as though they are in an upscale area and may be inclined to spend more money. A fountain would be a wise investment, and In this economy, who isn’t looking for a way to increase profits?

As you can see, fountains are not only beautiful, but also good for the health of the water and life forms in your lake. With years of experience in lake and pond maintenance, the team at Clearwater Consulting is the one to call if you are thinking about installing a fountain.

Fountains are a beautiful addition to a pond or lake

Fountians are a beautiful addition to a pond or lake

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