Fish Stocking

Fish Stocking

With Clearwater Consulting fish stocking plans, we provide our customers in Fort Worth, Dallas, and more, with the highest quality fish delivered directly to your lake or pond. We offer fish stocking in Fort Worth, Dallas and other cities throughout Texas.

Creating a Custom Stocking Plan

We stock lakes and ponds by first making recommendations based on the size of the area, available habitat, species already present, and water quality. If you need fish stocking in Dallas, Fort Worth or any other cities in Texas, Clearwater Consulting can do the job.

Fisheries Biologist and Fish Experts

Our fisheries biologist and fish experts guarantee the utmost care in delivery of the fish you select. We have the finest selection of large-mouth bass, catfish, seasonal trout and all biological control species.

Keep in mind that since our recommendations are tailored toward creating a thriving and lively  fishery, we do not stock fish for aquaponics systems and usually cannot deliver very small amounts of fish.

Are you a land owner with a lake nearby? We offer fish stocking so you and your guests can enjoy fishing. Fishing could be the antidote to spending all these hours looking at your phone’s screen and having little to no-communication with your family.

Do you Need Aeration?

Having proper aeration is important when stocking fish. Without it, fish are limited to a small area of your lake or pond and many won’t survive an attempt at stocking.