What Our Customers Are Saying

“Clearwater Consulting executed a treatment plan to target extreme infestations of Water Hyacinth on Water front properties along Bessie’s Creek. They employed both Helicopter and Airboat assaults on the dense mats and completely eradicated this exotic species from our waterway. They completed the eradication without damaging the native plant and tree species indigenous to the Gulf Coast region of Texas. To this day the Water Hyacinth has not returned.”
Simonton, TX

Abel GonzalesNBI Properties

“Clearwater designed and constructed incredible trophy bass habitat in my newly built lakes. Their professionalism shined from start to finish and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Lance BerkmanWorld Champion New York Yankees

“When hurricane Ike demolished the Texas Gulf Coast, Clearwater came in and cleaned up the entire Exxon/Mobile Baytown facility. Upon completion of the cleanup, Clearwater implemented a reforestation plan using infrared satellite technology to help the facility re-establish its native forests. They also renovated and improved the facility’s lake systems. Thank you Clearwater for keeping it “GREEN”!!”

Mike Pagan Projects Manager

“With a moment’s notice Clearwater came in and cleared the clay turbidity in our newly built Town Lake Community. We had an open house and concert planned and Clearwater stole the show with its beautiful water. The entire clearing process was completed within the week and our Open House was a huge success. Thanks Clearwater for your prompt attention and look forward to working with you in the future.”
Houston, TX

Randy Young Caldwell Watson Companies

“Clearwater Consulting brings a wealth of aquatic knowledge and professionalism to the table when it comes to understanding what it takes to maintain the 83 surface acres of lakes at our two adjoining private golf clubs. Their understanding of environment, plant physiology and marine life allows them to
prevent major issues before they occur. From chemical treatments to selective manual plant removal and all the way to monitoring of fish populations we have had a very successful year working with Clearwater and we certainly look forward to the next.”

Chris EricksonDirector of Golf Course Maintenance . Shadow Hawk Golf Club

I have been using Clearwater Consulting ever since I took over managing Augusta Pines and have had the pleasure of working with Sam, Shance and Crystal on our pond/lake and fountain maintenance and upkeep….what a pleasure this has been. They are attentive to the community’s needs, have made great recommendations on how to better care for our ponds/lakes and fountains, and how to preserve the natural beauty of them with a very
cost conscious program that we never have to worry about. I have not had to come to them and point out problems because they seem to always beat me to the conversation letting me and the board know that there is something brewing due to weather, heat or whatever it may be, then ask me if they can come to a board meeting so they can explain…instead of me being the one trying to explain. They are the consummate professionals and it has allowed me the ability to focus on my other responsibilities instead of having to worry about what they were hired to do….with 100% confidence that they are on top of everything. They designed a plan for us that alleviates the board from having to make decisions throughout the year by producing a maintenance plan for each year…all at a price that was very attractive due to their ability to plan ahead and make the purchases in advance instead of the untimely and costly last minute decisions we were making trying to get all board members together in-between meetings. I have worked with companies like Clearwater for almost 30 years across many different states and can tell you they are the best I have worked with to date….and I do not make recommendations without great reason and trust since my name goes on it. I hope this helps and welcome anyone who would like to know more to speak with me.

David Orr Executive Vice Presiden. Principal Management Group of Houston

Clear Water Consulting has been involved with our lake and fisheries management for over four years. Their overall knowledge and professionalism is second to none. Everyone I have come in contact with from Clearwater, from top to bottom, has shown the utmost care and respect for the property and the owner’s wishes. We originally contacted them to clean up our lakes. Algae and weeds had gotten out of control. They did a marvelous job of clearing up our lakes and in turn, gained my owner’s confidence which then led to fisheries management. Clearwater is actively involved in making the fishing here
second to none for our owner. They have aerated all the lakes, added structure to all the lakes, and are actively managing the bass and bait fish populations. They survey all the lakes a couple times every year and make recommendations to improve the fishing and habitat. We have set up our own nurseries on another property to keep the lakes here stocked and balanced. Hands down, I would recommend Clearwater Consulting to anyone wishing to have the best lake and fisheries management available. They are not salesmen, they are not pushy, they have your best interests at heart and will work with you to achieve your goals.

Michael DieckhoffDirector of Agronomy. Whispering Pines Golf Club