Does your lake or pond have muddy, murky, or dirty water?

Clearwater has developed an environmentally safe product to clear murky lake water with no harm to fish. Clearwater Flocculant creates beautiful, productive   water—overnight!

Our product also keeps water crystal clear of any clay turbidity which inhibits fisheries production. Most earthen ponds are lined with clay. Some clays have an ionic charge that keeps the particles in suspension. Our product changes the ionic charge and all clay particles become too heavy to stay in suspension and settle to the bottom, resulting in a clear lake or pond.

Before  and After Murky Lake Water

The Clearing Process

A water sample being tested with Clearwater Flocculent. After just one hour, the test sample has cleared significantly compared to the control

Before applying our eco-friendly product to your lake or pond, we first test your water to determine the source of the opaqueness. After testing your water, we will calculate how much of our flocculent is needed to clear your entire lake or pond. If you wish to proceed, we will apply the product at a time convenient for you. Then all you have to do is sit back and watch your water turn from murky to beautifully clear in just a matter of hours. The water clearing process begins almost immediately.

Send all samples to our headquarters at

402 Corporate Woods Drive Magnolia, TX 77354

After you have sent the sample, please  call us at 281-789-3088 and let us know your location and the approximate acreage of your lake or pond.