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What Is Electrofishing?

By March 7, 2015All Post

Heard of electrofishing? Wondering if electrofishing is a good idea? What is electrofishing? Can you do it in Texas? Is there somewhere in Texas that grants access to electrofishing services? Can electrofishing help you to survey the livelihood of the fish in your Texas lake or pond?

what is electrofishingThe answer to these and many other questions can be found with Clearwater Consulting! Electrofishing is a safe, effective way to take a gander at the fish in your lake or pond. Electrofishing uses electric currents to temporarily stun the fish and other wildlife in your Texas lake or pond so that they can be evaluated and inspected closely. This allows for you and consultants to determine if there’s anything wrong with your current fish population without harming the wildlife itself. Electrofishing is a safe and effective tool to help diagnose and prevent ailments or other maladies that might be present in your lake or pond. Clearwater Consulting uses state of the art technology to conduct our electrofishing so you can rest easy knowing that the fishing habitats and population of your pond or lake are being handled with care.

After using Clearwater Consulting to evaluate your pond or lake with our electrofishing equipment, we will run a report detailing the life and population of your fish. If anything is amiss with your fish, we can offer expert suggestions as to how to remedy the problem.

Clearwater Consulting cares about you, your fish, your lake or pond and the livelihood of all of the above. and We know you are too! If you’re considering electrofishing to better the life of your fish, lake or pond then look no further than Clearwater Consulting in Texas!

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