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The Importance of Habitat

By November 3, 2014All Post

When we survey private lakes throughout the state, one thing we see time and again is a lack of proper habitat. If you want to catch big bass you need to have a healthy, established population of their favorite foods, and plenty of places to hunt for them. 

A largemouth bass will feast on just about anything it can get its jaws around. While smaller bass can survive on insects and other incidental food sources, larger ones (those that reach 8 inches or more) typically switch to a diet of smaller fish. In order to grow your overall population, a forage fish population has to be established. Shad are one preferred species for doing this. But it isn’t as simple as dumping a stock of fish into the water and hoping for the best. Population establishment takes time and effort, but when done correctly will result in a fishery that keeps producing year after year.

One key element in creating a successful population is building proper habitat. One of our most popular options is the use of Christmas trees to create reefs. These trees are utilized by the fish and become a natural habitat.

If you own a private lake or pond and are interested in growing a bass population or building habitat, fill out our free online consultation form and we’ll get in touch.

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