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Stocking Your Pond with Fish

By March 28, 2015All Post

Your lake or pond is simply beautiful; the fountain glistens as it spouts out water, the landscape around your water is well maintained and lusciously green and the whole scene is very peaceful. But lately you’ve considered stocking some fish in your lake or pond.

After all, this is a body of water; why not have some fish in it? You could provide a nice habitat for your fish.

But where can you find a service that will stock your pond with fish? Are the fish going to be quality? Will the fish you stock get along with the other fish? These are all questions to consider when contemplating fish stocking in your lake or pond.

fish stockingThe biologists at Clearwater Consulting know the answer to all these questions. They approach every aquatic environment with the knowledge it takes to make a successful lake or pond and the care it takes to implement this knowledge. We can create a custom stocking plan so that your selection of fish is the best compliment to the habitat in which they’re living. Large-mouth bass, catfish, seasonal trout, tilapia, and others are all available through Clearwater Consulting’s fish stocking services and all of our fish are the highest quality. We also have species like the Triploid Grass Carp and the Piscivorous Fish that act as environmental control animals. These fish will improve the living environment of the other game you wish to have stocked in your lake or pond. Here at Clearwater Consulting, we think of it all so that you don’t have to!

Don’t stress about fish stocking. And don’t trust some unskilled fisherman to haphazardly fill your lake or pond with whatever he’s caught that day. Trust the experts who truly understand your unique aquatic environment and call Clearwater Consulting today!

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