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Murky and Muddy Waters: Causes, Effects and Solutions

By July 16, 2015All Post

Murky and muddy ponds and lakes seem to be a very common phenomenon these days, as there are several causes for such color and water texture. There is a simple solution for this problem. As this may be the case,

there are still many ways to prevent and treat murky and muddy water, and to enjoy the advantages of having a pristine pond or lake.

There are a few causes for murky and muddy water, but nearly all of them result in the same symptoms: greenish-brown water, with an oily and muddy texture and a noticeable decrease in the pond or lake’s natural inhabitants. It affects animals and plants alike, turning the lake or pond into an inhabitable environment.

Murky and muddy water is formed when the lake or pond is filled with particles light enough to float freely through the water, some of them due to weight and some others due to their ionic charge. The debris found floating may be organic or non-organic, caused by landslides or a nearby construction site. At any rate, murky waters are never pleasant. They decrease the aesthetic appeal of any lake or pond, reduces fishing chances and in extreme cases may be sources to accidents and injuries.

Unlike most things in life, there is a way to treat, control and avoid having murky or muddy ponds and lakes. However, before attempting to treat or clean the lake or pond it is always advisable to look for a source of possible contamination. Murky and muddy water may be caused by natural circumstances as well as poor waste disposal habits. If a source of contamination is detected it must be either removed, or the contact with the late or pond must be cut off. Treating the lake or pond while it is being contaminated by an outside source will not be as efficient and will eventually return to a poor state.

The different types of waste may be treated to sink, or removed with the help of professional consultants. Environmentally safe and friendly products are now being implemented to acquire crystal-clear water in ponds and lakes. The debris reduction not only helps the overall looks of the pond or lake; if the correct techniques are used it also helps the fish and other wild life reproduce and flourish to keep a balanced ecosystem. Regular checkups and maintenance is necessary to assure clear water lakes and ponds, and to be able to take the most advantage of the resources it has to offer.

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