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Mosquito Control

By September 1, 2015All Post

Mosquitoes is one of the most (if not the most) hated insects of all times. If we don’t provide proper mosquito control, we let them get their way they will bite you and suck your blood, in harmless small quantities, but it’s the side effects of the bite that become a problem to us. The itching sensation, irritable skin, and potentially disease transmitting, mosquito bites are a no-no. Humans have developed thousands of ways to keep mosquitoes away, some very clever and others not so much. From candles, to incense and liquid repellent, we try to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes at all costs. If you own a lake or pond mosquitoes can become a big problem. A Clearwater Consulting professional will be able to assist you if the need ever be, but here are a few tips to prevent mosquito bites and their multiplication.

Animals for Control

If you encourage natural mosquito predators such as small birds and frogs, they will naturally control the mosquito population before it gets out of hand. Other options are harboring bats or creating good environments for small, harmless insects that may hunt the mosquitoes and have them under control. If you own a pond or lake you may also look into adding certain fish species that can help eliminate or prevent mosquito problems. Animals are not the only natural repellent you can employ against mosquitoes.

Mosquito Gardens

Mosquito control is important for a healthy enviroment

Mosquitoes can bring infectious diseases like Malaria and Dengue

Creating what some people refer to as a “mosquito garden” will drive mosquitoes away from your home and garden. There are certain plants that naturally repel mosquitos. Lemongrass is a commonly found shrub, and as the name says, it has a citrusy smell to it. Planting lemongrass, as well as scented geranium, catnip and common marigold, will help you repel mosquitoes and prevent them from multiplying in your backyard or near your pond or lake. You can always consult with a qualified professional for other methods of maintaining your water body mosquito-free, but always make sure you also look for other places where small ponds of stagnant water may be created.

Make sure you always check your property for stagnant water  that may serve mosquitoes for reproducing. That includes natural forming puddles, as well as any human residue such as empty bottles or container lids that may fill up with water.

Finally you can always include garlic in your diet (assuming you’re not allergic) to naturally maintain mosquitoes at a distance. That does not mean you will reek of garlic and also scare people away! But garlic contains chemicals, that when released through perspiration they naturally repel mosquitoes and prevent any bites. Follow these easy tips and you will drastically reduce your chances of having a mosquito infestation in your backyard and home in general!

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