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Fish Stocking

By August 21, 2015All Post

If you own a lake or pond or are planning on building one, you should definitely consider having a fishery and stocking your waterbody with the fish of your selection. Fish stocking will allow you to keep balance in your pond or lake. 

The right amount and types of fish help you eliminate mosquito infestations, keep water vegetation under control, and keep a clean and clear pond or lake. In addition, keeping game and bait fish in your pond will provide you with a source of fresh fish and hours or leisure. Here are a few types of fish you should keep stocked up on for these reasons and many more:  

Pond stocking

Pond stocking

The Redear Sunfish is a popular game fish native to the southern United States, and can now be found across the whole country. Similar to the Bluegill, it stands out because of its size and cherry-red coloration across the sides. It is usually nicknamed the shell cracker fish for it feeds mostly on mollusks and snails, thus controlling the mollusks population in your waterbody.

There are a few stereotypes of game fish one can imagine. The Perch certainly fits the description, tied with the wide mouth bass as America’s favorite freshwater game fish. Although many fish resemble and are referred to as a Perch, there are only three species in different geographic location. It is considered a good sport fish and food source, reaching an average weight of 2.2 pounds.

The Striped Bass is a traditional American classic game fish, and is the state fish of Maryland, Rhode Island, and South Carolina. Very versatile, it is popular game fish for its quick reproduction rate and adaptability. 

Fish Stocking

Fish Stocking

Channel Catfish are common residents in lakes and ponds across the United States and are easily the most numerous catfish species in the country. They became popular in the United States as a food source, and that has helped their rapid growth rate in the last decade.

As the name suggest it, Hybrid Striped Bass are a hybrid between striped bass and white bass. They became popular in the United States during the 1980s. and can be distinguished from striped bass because of their broken lines rather than solid horizontal lines. The hybrid striped bass’ aggressive feeding habit makes it very popular as a game fish, as they break the water surface to feed making them easy to catch.

If you want to know more about fisheries and the possibility of adding one to your backyard contact a qualified individual today. Stay tuned for more fish types, tips about keeping your pond or lake clean and general knowledge!


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