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Fish Farming under the microscope

By June 11, 2015All Post

Fish Farming has become almost overnight the new corn. Now you can feed entire families and even smalls towns year-round. The health benefits you’ll get are unbelievable and there is no denying it, fish is known for being packed with Omega 3

fatty acids which have been proven brain boosters, some people believe that fish farming will be the future for many communities, especially now since the global population keeps on growing, so that means the availability of food will become a priority, if it isn’t already, for governments everywhere.

Nevertheless, fish farming is the only real form of aquaculture available as of now and the easiest of all the species of fish to farm is tilapia, of course there are other methods, but somehow that haven’t reached the maturity that fish farming has achieved over the years so in other words this is for now the primary go to method. Although it is important to note that fish farming has through the years, been given more uses other than just another food source, fish farming can now be used for recreational activities as well as for ecological and biological reasons, normally these methods can be used to supplement the wild fish population, this is a kind of response that some concerned citizens have taken, since there is a lot of overfishing going on recently. This is a solution that can easily help relieve the overfishing problem, even if it’s just for a little bit.

But, fish farming has also granted us with a very unique opportunity, and we’re certain that the scientific community has already thought of this, fish farming can also be used for experiments, and in that way we can better understand an animal that has lived for an awfully long time here on this place we call home. The results these studies could yield could potentially be amazing for future biologist. Nevertheless, fish farming isn’t an easy process, it takes a lot of work to keep hundreds upon hundreds of species of fish healthy. And sometimes, just to give you an idea of the whole process, some companies incorporate a system that kind of tricks the fish into thinking that they’re jumping from some waterfall, so that they don’t get stressed out or get sick with ease.

So is fish farming the solution to our global food problem? Or not?

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