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Electrofishing and Its Benefits

By September 10, 2015All Post

Fishing is one of the oldest and most popular pastimes known to humans. Like everything else, fishing has undergone a fair amount of change since it was first practiced. We are no longer dependable on simple tools to fish 

because we have technology advanced enough to make fishing easier than it has been before. Not only is technology available to help people fish, but also to maintain a pond or lake in good shape and make sure it has a healthy amount of fish in it. 

(although some enthusiasts and purists still agree it’s the best way)

Electrofishing is uses devices that produce a slight electric shock, stunning fish before they are caught. This allows fishermen to easily catch and release game fish unharmed. The electric device used is powered by two electrodes that deliver a positive and negative current to stun the fish. Electrofishing is better performed in group, as you need atleast two people to efficiently electrofish: one to operate the electric device and another to catch fish with a dip net.

Clearwater electrofishing

Professional electrofishing

If performed correctly, electrofishing will result in no permanent damage done to the fish. The stunned fish suffer involuntary muscular spasm when under the influence of the electric discharge, but return to their natural state within two minutes of being released. This allows not only the fishing but also sampling of the fish to closely monitor fish population in a pond or lake.

Electrofishing can be directed using an electrofishing boat or through devices carefully installed in a lake or pond. These have no impact in the environment: they are safe, clean and fish friendly. Always hire qualified and experienced professionals to receive the highest level of satisfaction.

Electrofishing is a good way to make sure landowners are achieving their fishery goals, the compiled information should be able to tell you the wildlife conditions, tailored recommendations and let you know if you need maintenance for your lake or pond. It helps to keep an accurate fish count and to locate and stop diseases from spreading.

Electrofishing is one of the many modern techniques that are now available to property owners in the world. Making sure your lake or pond remains in mint condition will increase your property value and add a pleasant option when you consider using it as a relaxation spot. If you are looking into building a pond or lake; or providing maintenance and applying electrofishing contact a qualified individual today!

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