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Designing Your Pond

By December 27, 2014All Post

Having a pond in the garden creates not only a special microclimate, but also serves as an impressive decorative element for your household. A pond has also a lot of benefits on the human psyche – it helps to relax and take your mind of work. Nowadays, modern

technologies have made it possible to create ponds of almost any size and anywhere you want.

Clearwater Consulting can design and construct a pond in San Antonio for your specific needs and the only thing we need from you is to decide the overall style of your pond and let us do the rest!

The size of the pond depends on the overall size of your land. If your garden or land is large, then the scope of a pond can be bigger. However in a small garden you would, of course, need to make a smaller pond. But the fun of having it won’t get any less. Actually, a small pond will look harmonious even in a large garden. The shape of the pond also depends on the landscape design of your garden.

A piece of advice, take the time to decide why do you actually want to have a pond. Is it because you want it as an impressive and unique decorative element? Or is it for growing beautiful plants or for fish breeding? Or maybe you would like to combine it all? In any case, you definitely need some expert advice. When it comes to pond design things can get a bit tricky and there’s a lot that goes into the design and creation of a pond. For instance, for some types of fish, a pond with a depth of no less than 35”, is needed in order to preserve most aquatic plants during the winter. You also need to know exactly what equipment is needed to maintain the pond in a condition suitable for fish cultivation, for example, the plants and different types of water lilies.

Let us help you create your favorite spot in your garden. We are, in deed, the best in San Antonio and we will definitely make sure the end result is exactly what you wanted.

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