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Clearwater Newsletter 2012

By October 20, 2013All Post, Uncategorized

What does last year’s drought mean for your lake?

With the recent Texas drought, we have seen many changes to the area. After the recent rains, the lakes are full of nutrients and have returned to optimum levels. Now is the time to reassess the fisheries populations and water quality.

Many of you may be experiencing unusual algae blooms and vegetation growth, which is all part of the process after a bad drought. Clearwater’s Green Solution can help restore your lake or pond to its greatest potential and true balance which can decrease your lake maintenance costs.

We have crews of aquatic professionals to assess your lakes and fisheries population. Our staff of senior biologists can help you optimize your lake or pond.


 Meet the Team

Shance Tyson

As owner and fisheries biologist, Shance has an extensive knowledge of fisheries science, LMB production, water quality, limnology, watershed, wetlands, and lake construction and design. He has logged thousands of hours electro-fishing, and has spent over twelve years researching LMB production, Aqua-Scaping, and habitat manipulation.

Shance maintains a large client base and has worked on some of the most prominent lakes throughout the state of Texas.



Kim Tyson

Kim handles Clearwater’s finances, which includes accounts payable and payroll. To meet the needs of our valued customers in a growing business, we are making some changes in our office with regards to our accounts receivable/payable.

Beginning April 1, we ask that smaller projects be paid upon completion. Larger projects will require 50% down and 50% upon completion. Our new terms will be posted at the bottom of our invoices. We can work with you to schedule your payment so that it is convenient for you prior to your appointment or at its completion. We accept cash or checks and now offer credit card payments thru Paypal, as well.


PatPat Lester

Pat is our lead field operator and sales consultant. He performs site visits with lake owners to evaluate their long-term goals and determine how Clearwater can assist them. He then corresponds with the staff biologist to develop and implement a custom plan to help the customer achieve their goals. He also utilizes satellite imagery to perform site consultations and evaluate customer’s property.


img_1857Sam Gaertner

Sam is a fisheries biologist with a degree in wildlife and fisheries sciences. He performs application treatments and works to maintain healthy waters and the preferred species of fish living in it. In addition, he makes sure the entire operation is in line with government regulations like the Clean Water Act, which protects the aquatic environment from damaging toxic substances.


crystalCrystal Rivera

Crystal manages the Clearwater office and is in charge of scheduling, logistics, and customer support.


photo2Tim Wells

Tim manages the company’s blog, website, and social media presence.  He also produces video for clients and processes scientific data.

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