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Benefits of Outdoor Activities

By February 20, 2015All Post

Our fast paced way of life nowadays sometimes forces us to forget about the great benefits of outdoor activities. Experts claim that on average, adults should get no less than 6 hours of sleep every day, exercise at least half an hour a day (even if it’s just walking

from one place to another) and eat properly meaning a balanced diet.

Outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, rowing a boat or just walking around are great boosts to your energy and definitely improve your physical condition and overall well-being. Most people usually make the argument that they don’t have time to hit the gym then wait in line to get to a machine or set of weighs (frustrating right?) so what many residential complexes are doing is to develop ponds and small lakes in common areas to allow for residents and visitors to exercise around them. It’s a great way to stay active without wasting too much time in a commute.

pond-area-landscape-designLooking at it from a family perspective, what better way to spend a nice Sunday than flying a kite with your children or having a nice family picnic? The days of driving out to the country in the family Buick seem so distant now but there is nothing wrong with hitting the green at your residential complex! In case it has fish, you can even teach your kids the sport or practice it yourself. Another great benefit to it is the decoration. A great number of residential complexes especially in suburban areas are adding ponds and lakes to their development projects because they have been so widely accepted by homeowners. It is their duty however to ensure proper maintenance and sustainable development. They know fully well about the harm it could cause for children and elders if they just let swamps develop. You should really try an active, outdoor life. It’s good for your health, good for your brain, and good for your life.

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