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Ways to Prevent, Identify and Treat Water Body Contamination

    Owning a water body has many advantages and benefits. It’s a great source of fun activities, leisure, health, and even food. It provides activities such as fishing and swimming as long as they’re clean, and can be the centerpiece of a self sustaining ecosystem. However, both lakes and ponds are very fragile as well. It is very important to maintain balanced environment. Any source of contamination can hinder the entire ecosystem and cause your lake or pond to become dirty, murky and smelly. There are plenty ways to prevent, identify and treat your water body. Take a look at a few tips below to always make sure you keep your lake or pond in great shape. Always Hire Professionals First and foremost always hire trained professionals with the right qualifications. Hiring individuals without the right training can result in a major catastrophe. Make sure you verify you are hiring licensed professionals to guarantee the best results for your lake or pond.

Fish Stocking

Fish Stocking

Stock Fish To Your Water Body That Will Make It Healthier 

Now, once you verify you have hired a qualified professional you can verify the shape of your lake or pond. If it needs little treatment and is suitable for fish to live in you can think about adding fish that will help your pond or lake. For instance, you can add certain species that will help you oxygenate the water or others that feed on bacteria and plankton.       Add Helpful Water Vegetation Just like the fish, you can add plants that help you maintain a healthy lake or pond. Different plants have different benefits and requirements. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about plants and their benefits to your lake or pond.  

designing a pond

Keep An Eye On Your Lake or Pond 

Always remember to check out your pond or lake. Even if you use it often, and specially if you don’t, it’s always a good idea to take a stroll around the edges. Verify there are no signs of contamination in the water as they can easily originate from one point and contaminate the whole water body. Foul Odors Foul odors should always raise a red flag. They usually indicate heavy contamination and need professional servicing as soon as possible. Murky Water Just as alarming as foul odors, murky, dark and muddy water can get out of proportion and become a huge problem. It may even lead to foul odors and mosquito contamination among other things. Ways To Treat Your Water Body It is quite hard to treat your water body yourself. Always contact a qualified professional for an expert evaluation and quality service.   If you need assistance with your lake or pond give us a call and one of our qualified team members will be more than happy to provide you with an in house quote today!

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