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Tips to Have a Healthy Lake or Pond

By January 6, 2016All Post

Owning a lake or pond can be a source of leisure, health, education and even food if managed properly. Lakes and ponds are quite fragile ecosystems, when balanced they are self sustainable and need no human intervention. However when the ecosystem

If you own a healthy lake or pond you can use it to exercise in, teach your children about nature, and even use it for fishing as a pastime and to enjoy fresh fish just to name a few activities.


 is unbalanced and your lake or pond suffers of poor health it is up to you to fix it up.Now, having a healthy lake or pond does more than add visual appeal to your property.Lake & pond clearing. You want to make sure your pond has clear water. Clean, crystalline water is a sign of good health and should help life flourish in and around your pond or lake. There are plenty reasons why your lake or pond may be cloudy, murky, or smelly. All of these are signs of an unhealthy lake or pond so you should keep an eye out for any of these characteristics. Your lake clearing experts will be able to identify the problem with a simple water sample and work with you to make sure all your lake or pond issues are solved. Once you have a clean healthy water body you will start fully enjoying it to the max.

Fish stocking. If you are a big fishing fanatic this is a no brainer. Introduce your favorite game and bait fish into your lake or pond and forget about having to take any long trips to fishing grounds. You may have your fishing haven in your backyard as long as your lake or pond allows game fish. This is also a great alternative even if you are not a fishing fanatic as fish help elevate water oxygen levels and control mosquito populations.

Aquatic vegetation. Adding the right vegetation can have many benefits for your lake or pond. Natural water oxygenation is probably the biggest advantage and benefit, however having the right water vegetation also help you control insect population and serve as a food source for certain types of fish and other animals.

Water aeration. Oxygen levels are very important to the health of any lake or pond. Water aeration is the process of elevating oxygen levels in your lake or pond through specifically designed aeration systems. This assures your lake or pond will have proper oxygen circulation and will remain healthy throughout its entirety.

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