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Quick Guide to Owning a Fishery

By February 29, 2016All Post, Uncategorized

Owning a lake or pond has many advantages which range from health to leisure and even culinary benefits. Some of the benefits that come with all lakes and ponds are the ability to swim in them, or the visual enhancement they provide to your property. 

However some others like fish and water vegetation must be introduced, specially for synthetic lakes or if you would like to fish a specific kind of game.

Stocking your lake or pond with fish is an awesome idea as they help keep your lake or pond healthy, balance the ecosystem, control algae levels, enhance a lake or pond’s visual appeal and can provide hours of leisure time through fishing. Not to mention cooking your game at your preference. If you are looking to start a fishery, or if you already own one, take a look at this quick guide to owning a fishery to help maintain your lake and fish healthy.



Electro-Fishing Boat

The term is usually misinterpreted as it has nothing to do with actually fishing. Electro-fishing is a great way to survey the number of fish in your lake or pond. It involves the usage of electrodes to discharge an electric current into the water, which stuns the fish and allows them to be captured.The fish are then examined and reports are generated based on the results found. It’s the most accurate and fish-friendly way to survey your lake or pond’s fish population without releasing chemicals or otherwise endangering your fish and water body.

Lake & Pond Clearing

An important step in this quick guide to owning a fishery is lake & pond clearing. Most fish will not thrive in dirty, murky water so maintaining a clean pond is a must if you want to successfully own a fishery. Contrary to common beliefs, clear water is not only an aesthetic enhancer, but it is also a reflection of your water body’s health. Dark, thick, murky water means your lake or pond is unhealthy, and needs professional assistance. Once you have cleared your lake or pond and have crystal clear water you can start thinking about introducing fish into the ecosystem.


Lake O’the Pines


If you own a fishery and your fish are slowly dying away it’s time to consult with a professional and address the issue from the source. Once you find the source of the issue and take care of it you can start restocking your fishery, either with the same species or with new fish all together.

Water Aeration

Water aeration is important because it’s a way to maintain the oxygen levels high in your lake or pond. Fish and water vegetation will flourish and thrive once the conditions are right, and water aeration is sure to do just that.

This is the end of our quick guide to owning a fishery. If you need professional lake or pond management services give us a call and our qualified specialists will be more than happy to assist you today!

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