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A Quick Guide to Pond & Lake Maintenance

By May 30, 2017All Post

Lake maintenance is crucial to the functioning of your water body. Lakes and ponds are two of the best features you can have on your property. They are a great source for activities that you can carry out on a quiet day alone or with your friends and family. In order to enjoy the full benefits of a lake or pond you must keep it in good shape and avoid any murky, muddy, or smelly water from developing in your water body.

Murky water and foul odors are a sign of bacterial growth, which can eventually result in severe health complications. Mosquitoes and other insects are also known to infest unhealthy ponds because of their high pH levels. There are many ways to prevent your water body from getting contaminated; take a look at the tips below for some good advice on preventing and treating unhealthy lakes and ponds.

Pond Clearing

Pond Clearing Lake Maintenance

First and foremost make sure you contact a qualified lake or pond management professional. Once you have the right help, have your lake or pond’s water examined. This will determine if your lake or pond needs clearing services. In most lake maintenance cases, clearing is necessary and is not until the water body has been treated that owners usually notice the difference. Lake clearing services will increase your lake or ponds visual appeal while making it healthier at the same time.

Water Aeration

Bubbles For Aeration

Although some lakes and ponds may appear healthy, they may have dangerously low oxygen levels. Both water vegetation and fish (not to mention microorganisms) need oxygen in order to live and reproduce. Water aeration is the process through which oxygen is introduced into your lake or pond, through a series of thoroughly designed methods. Lake maintenance ultimately guarantees you will have the highest oxygen levels and create the best atmosphere for life to flourish in your lake or pond.

Fish Stocking

Fish are a great way to enhance your water body’s beauty while also making it healthier. Fish have a very positive effect on water bodies as they fit perfectly in the food chain. They help oxygenate water and also help control water vegetation and algae growth.

The Importance of Vegetation Control in Lake Maintenance

Similarly to fish, water vegetation is very beneficial for lakes and ponds. They naturally oxygenate water, and also control the amount of light that enters the lake or pond, controlling algae growth and population, making lake maintenance a much simpler task. Certain water plants can even fend of insect infestations and work as natural repellent.
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