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Ornamental Fountains

Within urban areas, it is common to find ornamental fountains in which water is sprayed with aesthetic effects. However, the origin of ornamental fountains dates back to ancient times, the first sources of on record 


dating back to water use by early civilizations.

Initially, systems were based on a displacement of water by gravity and subsequently were progressively replaced by systems with circulation pumps (a flexible solar panel of 12V is generally used) in the early twentieth century. Fountains were initially situated in the streets or central locations in towns to provide water to residents and satisfy the thirst of their animals.

Fountains, in fact, used to be meeting places that promoted social relations in the community. Ornamental fountains impulse water through a pump to the outside producing various aesthetic effects, depending on what is desired. In  some cases, water may also flow by the gravity effect.

Ornamental Fountains Pond

Clearwater Consulting Fountain Project

Types for Ornamental Fountains

In the accumulated water, the necessary conditions for the existence of vegetation and animal life are present. The circuit may be a non-recirculating circuit where the entire volume of water is constantly flowing or it could also be a circuit where water circulates continuously with a periodic contribution that compensates losses.

This last type of circuit is the most common and within you can see two types of installationsThe first one being a circuit with a submersible pump: In this circuit, the water is usually taken from a large accumulated volume and is pushed abroad and then this water falls back to the total volume of accumulated water. On the other hand, the second one is a recirculation circuit through external pump: In these circuits, the volume of water is generally reduced and is continuously recirculated in a closed circuit that can be isolated and treated.

Physical Disinfection System


Bellagio Hotel fountain, Las Vegas

The systems with submerged pump should also evaluate the need to install a physical disinfection system, physic-chemical or chemical authorized in the water supply, which is compatible with the circuit characteristics. Instead, the systems with recirculation circuits must have a system that would ensure microbiological water quality and generally consist of a filtration system adequate to the circuit’s characteristics and physical disinfection system, physic-chemical or chemical authorized.

After the installation and design, the aesthetics of the fountain should be determined. There are hundreds of thousands of styles, one for each taste. Actually, one of the most famous fountains in the world due to its exquisite design is undoubtedly the one located in Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. But there are still many more marvelous fountains all over the world.

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