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Having a Crystalline Lake or Pond

All lake and pond owners (potential lake and pond owners as well!) dream of having crystal clear water. Not to mention a balanced, self-sufficient ecosystem thriving in their water body. However the reality is that some lake and pond owners have to deal with murky water. Murky water is not only unpleasant to see, but can also cause foul odors and severe health difficulties in the worse cases. Likewise, crystalline water has more pros than simply looking amazing: it has health benefits for you and your family, as well as the ecosystem that lives in it. Fish, insects, birds, small mammals, arachnids and even humans, are all benefited by a healthy water body.

Advantages of Having a Crystalline Lake or Pond

In a nutshell, the advantages of having a crystalline lake or pond is good healthy. Crystaline water is bacteria and germ free, so it does not pose a real threat of infection for users of all species. In addition, crystalline water means higher oxygen levels which are beneficial micro organisms and for fish, fortifying the food chain from top to bottom. Crystaline water also prevents foul odors caused by bacteria infestation and mosquito infestations. More fish means they feed on mosquitoes and other pests; the same goes for birds, small mammals and arachnids.


Beautiful and Healthy Lakes

Disadvantages of Murky Water

Dark, sludge-like murky water is a massive health hazard for any animal that tries to thrive in it. Fish and microorganisms are killed off by the lack of oxygen, and the whole ecosystem is heavily damaged. Mosquitoes tend to nest in murky waters, which are crowded with harmful bacteria and can easily cause grave health conditions. In addition foul odors start emanating from your lake or pond, rendering it useless for all water based activities.

Muddy Water Cleaning

We can clean up your murky lakes.

How to Get Crystalline Water

When an ecosystem has been unbalanced it is very hard for it to naturally repair itself. This is where water care professionals come in. Through a number of different techniques like water oxygenation, water care professionals can help your pond or lake go back to it’s natural, balanced, crystalline self. You can even inquire about maintenance services to assure your lake or pond will stay in good health. Fish stocking is also a possibility if you would like to add a touch of beauty or game fish to your water body.

Submerged Water Aeration

Water aeration is vital for sustaining a healthy aquatic enviroment

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