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Fish and Water Vegetation

By February 3, 2016Uncategorized

Fish & Water Vegetation for a Healthier Water Body.Large water bodies such as ponds and lakes are a great asset to have. They are a source of leisure activities, exercise, education and even food. They offer a variety of activities suited for the whole family. 

Owning a lake or pond also means you have responsibilities, like making sure the lake or pond is in good shape. If you have a dirty water body you may be exposing yourself and your family to harmful bacteria and disease-carrying mosquitoes.If your lake or pond has murky water or foul odors contact a qualified professional. Once your lake or pond is healthy you can think about adding fish and water vegetation to help create a sustainable ecosystem for your water body.

Lake & Pond Clearing

Clear Your Murky Lake

Murky Lake Treatment

If you are thinking about adding fish and plants to your water body you must make sure your pond is in healthy condition. The signs are pretty easy to see: murky water, slimy textured water, foul odors, mosquito overpopulation are just a few signs that your pond or lake need professional clearing services. Contact a qualified professional for immediate assistance and to know once and for all how clean your lake or pond really is.

Fish Stocking - Clear Water Consulting

Clearwater Consulting can restock your lake or pond with the right fish species

Fish Stocking

Once you have received the approval from a qualified specialist, you can proceed into selecting what fish you would like to stock. You may also want to consult with your lake management specialist about fish types. Different types of fish have different needs and benefits. Certain type of fish help oxygenate the water while others simply add aesthetic appeal to your lake or pond. You can even stock practical game and bait fish like bass, crappies, bluegills just to name a few.

Water Vegetation can Damage Your Lake

Control Water Vegetation

Water Vegetation

Very much like fish, water vegetation is pivotal for a lake or pond to have a balanced ecosystem. They serve as a basis for the food chain, and also help oxygenate the water in the lake, making it healthier for all its inhabitants. Growing the right lake vegetation may also mean controlling foul odors, eliminating mosquito infestations naturally and control algae growth in your water body. There are different types of water plants: floating vegetation, surface plants, submerged plants, and bog plants just to name a few. They all have different advantages, requirements and benefits so check with your lake management professional before deciding which ones you want to add to your pond.

Stay tuned for more information on lake and pond management. Need professional assistance? Give us a call and one of our qualified team members will be more than happy to assist you today!

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