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Custom Made Lakes and Ponds

Custom made lakes and ponds add a source of entertainment, education, health, leisure to your property. Although large body waters are traditionally natural, new techniques now allow you to have a lake or pond custom made, depending on what size limits what you can have.

There are several advantages of building a pond or lake on your property. Although you must always make sure it remains clean, a healthy pond or lake allows you to carry out activities such as swimming, fishing, bird watching, family picnics, grill outs and other events.

Advantages of Owning a Lake or Pond

Owning a lake or pond is a great way to naturally entertain yourself and your family and get some sun. It offers a great place to go swimming close to your house or vacation home. Floating decks and obstacle courses can be an awesome way to have fun in your lake or pond as well. Besides leisure, custom made lakes and ponds can help increase your health and strengthen your immune system. Swimming is a great way to stay in shape. It lowers stress levels, stimulates blood circulation and helps muscle growth. Not to mention a massive cardiovascular workout. Healthy lakes and ponds are still host to weak bacteria, which help you and your family develop a strong immune system. Lakes and ponds are surprisingly good for your health and can offer many more benefits, not only the ones listed above.

Fish Stocking & Aquatic Vegetation

One of the biggest questions when building custom made lakes and ponds are fish and plants. Every person has a different perception of animals and vegetation in a lake or pond. Some bring back scary childhood memories, for instant stepping on a slimy stone, or feeling a fish between your legs. However the reality is that fish and water plants have a very positive effect on all lakes and ponds. They help create a sustainable ecosystem, benefiting lifeform in and around the lake or pond. You may also stock fish and plants depending on what you want or need in your pond. Game fish would be a great choice for fishing enthusiast, while certain plants can help maintain high oxygen levels in your lake or pond to make sure it remains clean and mosquito free.

Visionary Lake & Pond Design

Lakes and ponds can be built in an array of shapes, depths and sizes. It all depends on what you want to accomplish, space available, and other factors such as the angle of the slope. Qualified professionals can provide you with an in house consultation and give you an accurate idea of the dimensions, shape and depth of your lake or pond.

Stay tuned for more information on lakes and ponds. Need professional services? Give us a call and one of our qualified professionals will be more than happy to provide you with an in house consultation today!

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