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There are an abundance of bass all across the United States and for that reason, bass are one of the most popular sport fish when it comes to fishing. We have put together a few bass fishing tips for your next fishing trip so that you can enjoy one of the favorite fish of America.

Be Aware of the Weather

First things first, be aware of the weather. Bass are very weather sensitive and change their behavior according to the type of weather outside. On sunny days, they take cover under the shady parts of the water. On cloudy days, bass like to swim out in the open and they are more active. When a storm is coming, it is best to fish for bass before the storm rather than after due to the sensitivity of the bass to the pressure. By knowing this, you not only know where the bass are located, but you can also adjust the type of bait you use to catch them.

Bass Fishing Tips Weather

The temperature can also affect the behavior of the bass. When the temperatures are cooler, the bass are slower and you should use slower lures. When the temperatures are warmer, the bass are more active and you can use faster moving lures.

Go Where the Cover Is

Bass hang out in covered areas – under grass, docks, wood, boats, rocks, etc. There are times when they are in open water, but they are going to be harder to find there. If you find cover, you are most likely to find bass.

Know Your Knots

Bass Fishing Tips Knots

It is important that you are able to master at least one type of knot for your line. This saves time while fishing and also helps to prevent losing a fish because of a loose knot. Take the time to master a type of knot or two so that while fishing you are confident in your line.

Imitate the Injured

Bass enjoy going after injured prey. By using shredded plastic worms or even red lures, you will attract more bass to your line because they will think your bait is injured.

Sharpen Your Hooks

Before you go fishing for bass, sharpen your hooks. Bass have strong and boney jaws that are hard to penetrate. By sharpening your hooks, you give yourself a better chance of catching the bass.

Adjust Your Cast

There are many different types of casts that work with bass: pitching, flipping, and skipping. Do your research beforehand and practice these three types of casts before you go out fishing.

The Two P’s: Patience and Persistence

Everyone knows that fishing requires patience and persistence and it is no different when fishing for bass. One of the best bass fishing tips we could give is to not give up on a pattern that you are trying out. You have to be patient and persistent!

Bass Fishing Tips to Load Your Boat

For more fishing tips to load your boat with bass, check out our Pinterest page! By knowing these simple bass fishing tips, your next fishing trip will be a success! For information about fish stocking, contact us and one of our professionals will answer all of your questions. We hope you enjoyed these tips and we will see you next time!

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