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Bass Baiting for Each Season

By August 3, 2017Uncategorized

Bass Baiting Depends on the Season

Bass Baiting

Bass will bite to different lures depending on the season that is the reason why bass baiting truly depends on the season. It is important to understand the cyclical feeding habits of bass. Every person who has gone fishing or even fishermen have spent hours trying to find which lure will catch bass when fishing.

Bass Baiting in winter

Unfortunately, fishing becomes slower in winter because bass’ energies are completely slowed down. At this time of the year, you have to fish your lures slower and please, be patient. Bass baiting is better in deep water near ledges and underwater covers like left over grass, wood or walls. Once water temps start reaching higher degrees, fishing activities will definitely pick up.

Just remember to be as patient as possible, well if you enjoy going fishing then you know what we are talking about, right?

What Happens in spring?

fishing in spring

Fishing activity slowly begins to pick up because of the warmer weather that increases water tempts. But, most likely fishing will be on and off because of the unstable weather fronts. Keep in mind, that just before the spawn, aggressive strikes will happen so you will need to use larger lures when bass baiting since bass will feed heavily to get fattened up for spawning activities.

And Bass Baiting during the spawn?

Bass Baiting During Spawn

It is known that bass slow way down on feeding during the spawn. Also, the only become aggressive when protecting their nest. When bass baiting at this moment, the secret is to get your baits just in the middle of the nest and provoke the bass.

Summertime, What Now?

Bass baiting is great because they are at their feeding peaks, and pretty much any lures work during the hot sunny days.

Finally, What Happens in fall?


bass baiting in fall

Well, bass goes shallow for one last major feeding binge to fatten up for winter. Since fall brings in really windy days, spinner baits and swim baits are ideal.

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