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Clearwater Consulting was established in 1999. Located in Magnolia, TX, each member of our staff brings a distinct expertise to the team that will help you create the lake or pond you have always wanted. As an industry leader in lake and pond management, Clearwater Consulting offers qualified, experienced professionals in fisheries biology, landscape/aquatic design, and fish production.

Environmentally friendly water clearing

At Clearwater, we’ve developed an environmentally safe product to clear muddy water with absolutely no harm to fish or surrounding environment. Learn more

Responsible lake & fisheries management

Our staff of qualified professionals have extensive experience in fisheries management and freshwater science.  Through lake surveys and fishing expeditions, we determine a plan of action to solve any problem areas your lake or pond may have, and keep it healthy and productive for years to come.Read more

Visionary lake & pond design

We’ll work with you to refurbish old ponds or build new aquatic areas from scratch. Our design plans take into account all the factors of your surrounding environment, such as watershed and soil composition, to create a lake or pond that not only looks great, but works great too! Read more


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With five offices throughout Texas, we can service almost all of the state

Our corporate office is located in Magnolia TX with offices in Uvalde, Kerrville, Brownwood and Dallas. Servicing Houston, Dallas, Fort-Worth, Austin, San Antonio and all surrounding areas.


Electro-fishing is a safe and effective way of surveying a lake’s fishery.

Lake & Pond Clearing

Clearwater’s techniques can creates beautiful, productive water—overnight!

Fish Stocking

We have the finest selection of large-mouth bass, catfish, seasonal trout, and all biological control species.

Aquatic Vegetation Control

Clearwater Consulting is the industry leader in biological control of aquatic vegetation.

Design & Construction

We will plan, design, and construct a lake or pond for your specific needs.

Aeration & Fountains

Clearwater can help you find the right aeration system and fountain for your lake or pond.

Lake Management

We handle all facets of lake management.

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